“Which one’s mine?”

Scoobits scooter toys

Just walk through any busy playground or school to find the inspiration behind Scoobits—piles of scooters with little way to tell one from another. “Which one is mine?” Some are littered with torn, faded stickers and others are piled high with old rubber bands. It’s clear children want to accessorise their scooters and Clare Hartnell, co-founder of Scoobits, saw an opportunity.

Scoobits fun scooter toys

Scoobits are little characters that strap onto kid’s scooters, one on top of another, making scooters individual, colourful, and a real talking point for kids. “I have the Dragon and Monster, which ones do you have?” Whether it’s a Dragon or a Dog, a child gets the chance to make the scooter truly their own. On a more practical note, mums will appreciate how easily recognisable their child’s scooter is from all the others.

They’re flexible, collectable, and fun.

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